Each of the registered TIE centers can train one of their staff to invigilate and examine TIE candidates. A TIE session can be invigilated and examined by a single person – a certified TIE examiner, or by two people: an invigilator and a certified examiner. For every 12 candidates, there needs to be at least one invigilator.

The procedure for becoming a certified TIE Examiner is as follows:

1. Attending an introductory webinar or seminar (Webinar Application Form).

The introductory event can be held online (webinar) or face-to- face (seminar). The minimum requirement for becoming a TIE examiner is 5 years of recent and relevant experience and a degree in English (either in languages or an internationally recognised TEFL/TESOL diploma).

TIE Seminar/Webinar Application:

In order to apply for the webinar, all potential examiners need to submit the following documents to m.stajkovic@gatehouse.it minimum 3 days before the scheduled event date:
- completed application form
- European format CV in English

The examiners will be provided with the examiner handbooks to prepare prior to the seminar/webinar.

2. Mark Collection Activity.

The candidates who meet the minimum requirements will be asked to complete the Mark Collection Activity after the introductory seminar. The Mark Collection Activity will be sent via email directly to the potential examiners and they will be given 10 days to complete it and send it back to TIE Italy. The activity consists of marking 6 speaking tests.

Once the Mark Collection Activity has been received by TIE Italy, the potential examiners’ marks will be evaluated by TIE Italy academic staff, after which feedback will be sent to all the examiners. The successful ones will be given an opportunity to examine their center’s first session candidates. The teachers who either do not meet the minimum requirements or do not complete the activity successfully will be able to act as invigilators.

3. Supervision

TIE Italy will supervise the first two sessions run by each newly trained examiner. The supervision will be carried out via Skype. Feedback will be provided to the examiners. Having run two exam session successfully, the newly trained examiners will become certified TIE examiners and will be only occasionally supervised.


Some teachers may find the idea of preparing candidates wihtout course books discouraging, however, the exam as it is makes it possible to easily integrate exam preparation into the existing English language courses.

In preparation for the examination, candidates are required to carry out two to three activities depending on the type of TIE Exam (two for A1-B1, three for B2-C2), choosing the topics themselves and bringing their own interests, opinions and experiences into the classroom and use them in order to perform their best at the test.

In addition to the pre-prepared tasks, the examination contains unprepared tasks as well, two for speaking and one for writing.

Below are the materials that can help teachers prepare their students for the examination.


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