The Test of Interactive English examinations are designed to complement general English language courses, and are appropriate for anyone aged 14 or above from all educational backgrounds.

The exam consists of two parts: Spoken TIE (20 – 30 minutes per pair of candidates) and Written TIE (50 – 90 minutes).

Both parts of the test are compulsory and are designed to build upon learners’ background knowledge, provide language development opportunities that suit the needs of each student and reflect tasks they are familiar with from their English language classroom and their daily lives.

When applying for the exam, the student chooses the level of English for which to take the test. Successful candidates are awarded the qualification at the level they have achieved: either the level they applied for or one level higher or lower. Candidates who do not achieve the lowest level of attainment (CEFR A1 in the A1-B1 exam or CEFR B2 in the B2-C2 exam) will not be awarded a certificate.

Exam preparation