Each of the registered GA Classic centres need to train one of their staff to act as Interlocutor-Invigilator for the GA Classic candidates. A GA CLASSIC session needs to be invigilated and examined by a single person – a certified GA Classic Interlocutor-Invigilator. The regularity of an exam session is the Interlocutor-Invigilator’s responsibility.

The procedure for becoming a certified GA Classic Interlocutor-Invigilator is as follows:

1. Attending an introductory webinar or seminar

The introductory event can be held online or face-to-face. Potential Interlocutor-Invigilators need to send their CVs and a completed Role Application Form to

The minimum requirement for becoming a GA Certified Interlocutor-Invigilator is:

- Must have reached near-native competence or be a native English speaker,
- Must be able to use English to the level that allows the candidate to fulfil all the tasks in the examination,
- Must have a degree in English (either in languages or an internationally recognised TEFL/TESOL diploma),
- Must have a minimum of 3 years of recent and relevant teaching experience,
- Should not be the candidate’s own English language teacher.

The webinar / seminar dates are published regularly on the GA Italy website. Registration deadline is 2 working days before the event date.

2. Test Completion

All the Interlocutor-Invigilators who have attended a webinar or a seminar, need to complete a test on the regulations of the delivery of GA Classic Exams. The test will be sent directly to the Interlocutor-Invigilator and will need to be returned within 10 working days.

Feedback will be sent to all the Interlocutor-Invigilators.

3. Supervision

GA Italy will supervise the first two exam sessions of each Interlocutor-Invigilator. Supervision will be carried out via Skype. Feedback will be provided to the examiners.